History of Cake – Origin and Spread in Australia

The first proper cake was found in Ancient Egypt around 2000 BC. It was very simple, nothing like a modern cake, it was a bread-like cake and contained honey and nuts. The first modern cake was made a long time after in Europe in the mid-17th century. Though cakes were already up and alive they were not used in Australia until the late 18th century when European settlers settled in Australia. “The English and Australian Cookery Book” by Edward Abbott, the first Australian book that involved a cake was published in 1864 this book was Australia’s first cookbook. This book contained multiple cake recipes.

In the 18th century, cakes became popular and started growing. This was a great start for cake evolution but the biggest growth was in the 19th century when cake had expanded nearly across the whole globe. Cakes had officially reached Australia in the 19th century and were being sold. However cake shops didn’t start to appear until the late 19 century, shops were usually operated by European people. In the 1970’s and 1980’s Australian food had a period of growth and experimentation. Many cake and dessert recipes were enlarged. During the 20th century, the popularity of cakes increased and many new variations of cake were developed.

To this date, cakes are an important part of Australia’s Food and Culture. Cakes are used in a variety of destinations: birthday parties, weddings, afternoon tea, anniversaries, dessert and so much more. Cakes are a big part of today’s life.